A weekly newsletter on why and how things are happening in Nashville. Focused on the climate crisis, environmental justice, organizing, politics, the realtor-developer industrial complex, TIFs and PILOTs, neighborhood apartheid.

Also Louisiana-Pacific clearcutting forests, Bridgestone exploiting the Global South, the Nashville families who run everything, what exactly Oracle does, how the incoming tech industry will change the city, the State’s ongoing war against poor people, the city’s addiction to national relevance, and the protection of the interests of the wealthy at every level of government. National news may appear when relevant, like why Nashville has attracted Tomi Lahren and Ben Shapiro, or what to make of John Bolton’s daughter being president of the Nations Neighborhood Association. If you’re interested in specific topics, let me know.

It has some of the same markings—six months of summer, ornamental guitars, Bi-Rite—but Nashville is no longer the city I grew up in. In all the research, interviewing, and photographing is me, trying to explain.